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Thursday, 6 October 2011


So today i will  introduce you to some of my closest friends who have a profound influence on my life. Let me reiterate the word "some" because don't want a lot of sulky,surly and pissed-off faces around doing a "emostional atyachar" on me! There is only so much that i can write in one blog! Promise that there will be "my deerest frainnds part 2" as well!! So here goes.! Buckle up cause its one crazy ride! By the way i have changed all the names in the interest of self preservation and survival so please bear with me but i promise that i will be as true and accurate in their descriptions and mannerisms as possible barring  slight artistic /creative embellishment/exaggeration!!

Let me start with my best est friend -the sexy,sultry,ultra hot Sonam!!  We have known each other for fifteen years now and for the most part its been a pleasant journey! Please mark my word most!! I love her not as a friend but as a sister but we have had crazy rows in the past where we have  screamed,shouted,sobbed,yelled,accused and called each other names! I hope those unpleasant episodes are in the past now and we can look forward to a more mature,stable and grown -up friendship.Shes the stereotypical Bengali tigress!!Shes passionate,fiery,intense,kind,simple,good-hearted and very intelligent!Shes also a fabulous,inventive cook who makes us drool and salivate with her crazy,totally original recipes!! These are her positive attributes but since this is not a "suck-up Sonam blog" i will tell u that at times she can also be wildly temperamental,preoccupied,distracted,lethargic and confused! Shes immensely smart (did an M.B.A from a premier institute,worked for Citibank but gave it all up for Mills n Boons and sleep ins!) barefoot shes 5 foot 8 , got these flashing, smouldering kohl-rimmed almond shaped eyes, a figure to die for(sigh!), frizzy (sometimes) mop of black hair and the most pearly white (thanks to a good dentist i think!)smile! I think i talk to her more than i talk to Mr.C and shes the keeper of my deepest,darkest secrets! I tell her everything from the mundane to the wildest! So she's privy to all my joys,sorrows,hopes and disappointments! She's a walking ,talking encyclopedia on all things Sheeba. So i better keep her in good humour -don't want her to spill any beans because that would mean trouble with a capital "T".

 Now i come to Rajat-Sonams husband and the person with whom i share the most erratic relationship with on planet Earth (barring maybe my dearest mom!)!We love each other-sometimes but hate each other most of the times!! So its love followed by hate,hate,hate and then it suddenly switches to love-you get the drift-right?! Please don't get me wrong- i have tremendous respect and admiration for Rajat the man and for the values and principles he upholds! He's razor sharp,articulate,logical,compassionate,focused,kind,loving and generous! He's a vast store house of knowledge and knows almost everything about almost anything and is always willing to explain(patiently and concisely) to a duffer and dunce like me the finer nuances of things and life in general! He's also sarcastic(really gets my goat at times!),caustic,arrogant,in your face,patronising,opinionated,temperamental,wildly moody and  all in all a complete pain in the butt sometimes who (if physically possible for me) i would happily strangle!!! He's also insanely successful ( and makes no bones about it) as a global head/C.E.O of a fortune 500 company! I think he was born to be a  C.E.O and i am sure would have given his nurse/nanny pricey,authoritative and condescending vibes right from the time he was in his diapers!

Now i come to the buxom,voluptuous and wildly opinionated Mala. She's Mr.C's best friend for the past thirty years and shes the only one who can make him blush,cringe,laugh and cry all at the same time (quite a mean achievement for the stoic,dead pan Mr.C). She's very intelligent (and knows it),articulate,domineering,witty (if you hear her Santa-Banta jokes you will die laughing),confident and self assured. She's also (like Rajat)  caustic, sarcastic and sometimes snooty!! She and i have shared a real roll-a-coaster relationship in the past! Fortunately we are riding a high the last couple of years but the lows have been really low! She and i didn't speak to each other for the longest time when i married Mr. C. We both hated each other. Just the mere mention of her name would get my blood pressure up and would make me feel nauseous and i am sure vice versa. I still remember one episode when i was newly married -we had gone to this popular coffee shop in Delhi-"Machan"-and lo and behold the moment we walk in what or rather who do we spot?!! Ms Mala with her bevy of giggly,silly,heroine-worshipping girl friends! Suffice to say that that was the most miserable meal of my life! Even the Parsi Dairy kulfi or the Bulls-eye chocolate indulgence couldn't save the day! We were jeered, laughed at and became the butt of all their jokes! But thankfully those days are long gone and now we both get along like a house on fire!!!!

Lastly and certainly not the least-just to spice things up and make this blog more interesting -i would like to mention a certain person who we will refer to as X. Don't want to go into too many details about her/him as she/he is a very private,reserved person and totally shys away from any kind of public scrutiny and platform. Hates being photographed or discussed  and would have a mini nervous breakdown/heart attack if knew that i was discussing her/him on my blog!! Keep guessing folks! Maybe this person doesn't even exist and i am just piquing your curiosity and imagination! Well X is a doll and i completely adore her/him and rely on her/him for general day to day advice and feedback. She /he is very well read ,widely travelled ,immensely wise ,vastly experienced , highly sensitive and emotional and a real rock/ anchor in my life. I hope we can always remain friends and be there for each other through the good and God forbid! not so good times!!

I am sure that by now you folks are tired of reading so will bid Adieu with the firm promise/threat that i will be back--soon!!! Take care!! Hugs! Be good and keep smiling!