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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Hiya everyone! So how was Sunday? Hope u guys n gals maxed it! I certainly did! got rid of the brats (at least temporarily) by doing some clever manipulation and emotional arm twisting! always works with people who love you! Tried my best to get rid of Mr.C but no such luck! Hes too slippery and clever and absolutely immune to any type of emotional or otherwise blackmail! So there he was all day in his resplendent glory chowing down gobhi paranthas as if no tomorrow and devouring any and every magazine he could lay his hands on including the Cosmo and Vogue!! Don't understand his morbid fascination with girlie magazines! he says he reads them for a higher,noble cause--to get insights into a woman's heart and mind! I personally believe he reads them more to perfect his ahem!! slightly rusty but let me hastily add effective technique (don't want cold vibes starting Monday morning!) on say delicate issues!! ahem! ahem! really have a bad throat! Vick's ki goli lo khich khich door karo!!!

Sorry! digressed there- was telling u about how i maxed my day. Well
after the heavy breakfast of u know what with white butter just sat and listened to Pavarotti and Placido Domingo! Something magical about their voices! music like that moves my soul and i get transported to another planet all together! Cheapest and most effective way for space travel must say! Mr.C by the way hates operatic music! so sits with this very pained /constipated expression the entire duration with his ears stuffed with cotton wool and keeps appearing at regular intervals to figure out how long the wailing/squawking will last!!!! Can u imagine!!! boor! boor est of boors!anyways after the musical odyssey, got a massage done by my beloved "Kaushilya"(shes the grumpiest woman ever with the softest hands), had lunch-kadhi chawaal (my fave), read-"Two States" by Chetan Bhagat (brilliant book-so funny!) and then went to watch "Saheb,biwi and gangster". what a movie! please don't miss it! loved it! and it just reaffirmed my belief that you poor men don't stand a chance against us-the women! you guys are putty in our hands and its so bloody easy to manipulate you! all we have to do is wear pretty Saree's,glass bangles,jhumkas and sex you up a little! sorry! just kid din! but honestly women are the fairer and stronger sex here! We just are emotionally and mentally tougher! most men are babies at heart and constantly need to be mommied!

Most women have amazing clarity about their priorities/goals,needs/wants! I being the sole, sorry exception!! I have no clue whatsoever! I am meandering through life completely confused! A little bit of this and a little bit of that,a drop of this and a dash of that! I guess I just need focus and a goal! talking about goals-got to run now-got to get fit um fit at least physically-mentally i have lost hope! My morose,long suffering,Devdas type yoga teacher giving me woeful looks as i have now kept him waiting half an hour and hes all ready to throw a hussy fit!! Have a great Monday! mu ah!mu ah! keep smiling! and please keep reading!