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Saturday, 1 October 2011


hiya everyone! I'm Sheeba! i live in New Delhi ,India and am a stay at home mom with two very bratty kids (boys actually who from now onwards will be referred to as brat 1 and brat 2) who drive me nuts with their bizarre antics but i love them to death! I'm married to a successful banker who from now onwards will be referred to as Mr c. he's quite cute in his own absent minded, lost in space,utterly self involved way!

This blog is just about my ramblings,musings and findings! i will also be introducing you to my mad,adorable, extended family one person at a time! they are all interesting characters with different takes on life and how to live it! so today is my first day as a blogger! i was also kinda hoping that it would be my first day as a jogger too!!! I'm constantly struggling with my weight and put it ahem! delicately am a couple of pounds over! have tried in vain for the past twenty years to get rid of my cherubic cheeks but nothing has worked! they stay cherubic steadfastly and no amount of dieting,exercising,massaging,creams and lotions have any effect! they remain put in all all their plump,soft and everlasting glory!! so now have just accepted them for what they are and have given up hopes on ever having high cheek bones and a chiseled jawline! also i take consolation in the fact that the chubbier cheeks i have the lesser wrinkles and since I'm in the wrong end of thirties now that's a huge deal!!! so no expensive facial creams for me and no two hour long bank balance evaporating facials! i just cleanse,tone and moisturise with the most banal products and my skin glows -literally!

I'm also currently having a torrid affair with food--all types really! i love Chinese,Thai,Italian,Japanese,Greek,continental,junk and the junker and the junkiest! I'm very undiscriminating on that front and have an equal passion and appetite for all kinds! as a result of which we eat out quite a lot and am on the loyalty program of almost every restaurant conceivable! my mail usually has more flyer's from restaurants than what can be considered acceptable and moral!! SO FRM "KAKE DA DHABBA" to the "ORIENT EXPRESS" they all love me! I'm invited to every promotion,festival and shindig! but i refuse to apologise cause i loooovvvveee food and as long as i can remain at 60kgs or thereabouts I'm fine! and when the scale is slightly tilting on the wrong side i have every tummy tucker ever invented to keep the ahem! tummy in check! so honestly things not so bad! so me and my runaway tummy are quite happy these days! there's a plethora of good restaurants in Delhi suddenly and every whim and taste bud can be satiated! related to food you naughty people!! don't start getting ideas! THIS IS A FAMILY BLOG! NO X-RATED STUFF HERE! have been rambling on--got to go now-motherly duties beckon! will write again soon! take care and have a super duper weekend! don't be naughty--in fact what the hell! be naughty! live a little,laugh a little,love a little! life's too short! adios amigos!