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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Shame,shame, shame......on us!!!

The more newspapers i read or the more television coverage i watch about the rape in Delhi(on the night of16 December,2012)-the capital city of India-India,the next super power,the land of revered Goddesses like Durga,Lakshmi,Saraswati,Parvati etc...the angrier i get!! Angry to the point of my blood boiling and my mouth frothing!!! Angry to the point where i just want to get a cleaver and chop off the offending "dicks" literally, and then hang the "dicks" figuratively by their balls publicly sans any clothes and stone them to death!!!

Extreme you might say but then what about the brutal extremities that the young 23 year old girl suffered at the hands of the savages!!!What the hell is wrong with us?? How have we as a society become so depraved and barbaric that a young girl is pinned down by at least five men ,brutally gang raped, almost beaten to death ,has iron rods thrust into her private parts where her intestines are gouged out and then thrown naked on the road to die??? It is beyond fills you with horror,fear,dread and a total loss of faith in humanity!!!

And i am sick to death of being afraid...afraid of being a woman,afraid of being attractive,afraid of wearing a dress,afraid of wearing lipstick,afraid of being noticed,afraid of stepping out!!!AFRAID,AFRAID,AFRAID!!!!! I AM SICK TO DEATH OF THE WORD AFRAID,OF THE EMOTION AFRAID!!! I want to reclaim my life, i want to reclaim my confidence,i want to have belief and faith in the law of the land,i want to hold my head high and live and work and play with DIGNITY,CONFIDENCE AND RESPECT!!! Is that really too much to ask and aspire for?? Should that not be taken for granted when you live in a free,secular,democratic country with an elected government in place???

What the shit did we vote for them for anyway?? Forget about the mundane bijlee,paani,rozi,roti crap etc..what about a frigging right to live,to enjoy,to maybe go to a mall to watch "The life of Pi" with your boyfriend and not get assaulted,gang raped and thrown naked on the road to die!!!!What about that??? We need answers and yes high time now that we as the so called responsible and educated citizens of India ask the right questions!!!!

We as a people have to get off our lazy,hypocritical arses and introspect and fight!! Fight this apathy,fight this fucked up "chalta hain" attitude,fight this air of complacence that it can never happen to us or our loved ones and fight with the powers to be, to protect us,to safe guard our honor and to come down really heavy on the offenders that no one in his right mind ever even dare to conjure up such a sick scenario in his dreams!!!!

Enough with the sympathy and drawing room discussions. Let's do something. Let's come together as a people and voice our utter disgust and loathing.Let them know that enough is enough and we shall take no more.Let's fight back.....lets have public debates and discussions and marches and protests. Let them not forget. Let that poor girl not just become another statistic in the hall of shame. Let her excruciating pain,humiliation and loss of humanity not go in vain!! Let her be a lesson...a lesson to all of us to shake of our sense of complacency to now finally Act and React!!!!!! 

And you woman out there learn to react...stop tolerating the harassment that we as the fairer sex suffer on an almost daily basis. Let's kick some butt!! Let us all learn basic self defense,let's start carrying the pepper spray in our bag and let's finally learn to stare down a bully or slap a man who shoves his elbow in our chest. Let's stop being afraid and let's prepare to do battle. A battle which may one day save our lives or our humanity or our sense of self.

Last but not the least my heart felt sympathies to that unfortunate girl and her family members and loved ones. I don't know her personally but have followed her progress in the hospital, i have wept bitter tears for her, i have raged for her and prayed for her and hope against hope that she does turn out to be the fighter that the doctors are saying  that she is and that she emerges from this night mare like a Phoenix from the ashes,ready to soar again!!! All the best and God's speed to her recovery and God bless!!!