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Thursday, 24 November 2011


Hi folks! How's everyone? Have been feeling pretty screwed the past couple of weeks so therefore haven't even written. Lot's happening in my life and most of it not so good. My grand mom's is in the hospital literally fighting for her life, brat number number one is driving me mad with his bizarre and out of control shenanigans and antics-"budhi ka bhrastachar" that's how i describe what's happening with him. My beloved Mr.C now lives on a completely different planet altogether called the "barklay world" (have misspelt the damn word  on purpose-don't want to get sued or something!!) and is completely preoccupied, self absorbed and oblivious to everything and everyone else!! The only thing that matters and registers in his brain is work! work! And  even more work!! Hmmmmm, maybe not such a bad thing after all if i can get past the initial irritation-there are worse things that men can do and actually do!! So in retrospect, thank God, it's only work that he's completely consumed and occupied with-no hanky panky stuff!!

I am just running from pillar to post trying to organise my life and frankly am feeling very frayed,low and run down. Just don't seem to have the energy to do anything and what's even worse have seem to lost all enthusiasm for things that i was so passionate about earlier, for instance writing this blog or going for a great workout or reading a good book or listening to some great music!! Surprises of surprise seem to have lost all interest in food!! Now that's a biggie because i have always been so in love with food!! That's been one of the biggest passions of my life and maybe my most enduring love story!!

So whether it's Chinese or Thai or Italian or Mediterrean-nothing elicits excitement from me anymore!! So whether i have Salt n Pepper prawns or dal n roti its all the same to me now. The one visible/positive advantage of my loss of appetite, is that yes i have finally lost some weight and am finally fitting into those sexy,black,skin tight jeans which i bought a month ago. So that's the only silver lining.Everything else is dull and grey!!

The weekend is almost upon us so have decided will just have to cheer up. Don't want my kiddos seeing their normally full of beans mom so down in the dumps. So have decided will go for lunch with a couple of girlfriends and catch up on all the gossip that i have missed out on-who's doing what and who's doing whom type of stuff-very entertaining and very distracting!!Just the kind of stuff that i need right now!! Entertainment and distraction being the key words! So will don my black,knit dress and the new knee high 5 inch tall boots that i was just presented on my birthday and make my way to the Emporio mall to lunch with the "gurrrlsss" and make them all go green with envy with my new found waistline!!!

Yay! That sounds like fun and will definitely down a couple of glasses of wine and make sure that everyone else does so too so that our tongues are sufficiently loosened to really get the conversation going!! After that, have decided  will go bust up some serious monies and put the American Express credit card that Mr. C has given me to good use. Serious retail therapy is what i need to pull me out of the dumps and maybe chocolate macaroons and cappuchino after!

Also really looking forward to watching "The Dirty Picture". Have never really liked Vidya Balan too much but she seems to have done a fantastic job and is oozing sexuality and sensuality in every frame of this picture .She's just so unabashed and uninhibited about it which is so refreshing and appealing!! The movie as we all know is based on Silk Smita's life and what i find admirable about this sexy, southern siren is that she was so unapologetic about her life! She was so proud of being all woman and took advantage of all her God given assets to the hilt! She was what she was and never pretended to be anybody else and was not the slightest bit embarrassed or hypocritical about her image!Infact that was her hugest strength and biggest sex appeal!

Not everything in life is black or white or right or wrong! There are shades of grey everywhere that we look and it's all very subjective! What's right for me maybe completely wrong for you and vice versa! So who the shit am i to sit in judgement of you or anyone else for that matter! I don't know your life and i don't know what's happening behind closed doors so why in hell should i impose my moral standards on you and label you?!! Fine, i agree that we all don't go around with halos around our heads and do enjoy some juicy gossip once in a while but that's just what it is-just some silly girlie talk which has no malice or bad intentions! Whatever is talked or discussed is done so with the sole purpose of adding some "chat-masala n nimbu" to our dull and frankly quite drab lives but not really to cause any damage or hurt to anybody!!

Live and let live-that honestly should be our mantra !! We are no one to judge or comment on anyone's life! Everyone is entitled to live their life as they see fit and derive happiness and satisfaction as they see fit!!It's only one life and a bloody short one at that plus God gave us free will--who are we as mere mortals to take that away from anyone and tell that person that this is right and this is wrong!! Ultimately, if we make mistakes they should be ours alone and we will learn from them and that too is one of the most important lessons in life!! Accepting and learning. Till you fall and bleed and cry, how the hell do you ever learn to walk or stand or balance and ultimately run?!!

So quit the bull shit folks!! Quit the commenting,judging,sermonising,criticising and just accept people for what and who they are! We all have our pluses and minuses and no one's perfect so lets start enjoying and taking delight in each others perfections and imperfections!! Life and living is all about change,surprises -some pleasant and some not so,ironies, differences and a whole variety of people-yes, living,breathing,feeling people who cry and laugh and joke and bitch and fart and burp and belch!!!They are not objects so don't treat them as such!!

Enjoy and adapt to each and everyone around you, accept who he/she is for what he/she is and then see how the positive feelings are reciprocated back!! You will be accepted for what you are and who you are and will not have to pretend or posture anymore and will be much happier and calmer and at peace! Isn't that what life is all about?? Being happy,calm and at peace? Worth a thought--what say you?