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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Last week has been crazy and not in a good way!!! My much awaited trip to London (my fave city in the whole world) got cancelled!! It was heartbreaking really because it was a much planned trip with our friends joining us and we had very lofty ideas of scouring the museums /art galleries and going for the opera and watching a musical or two!!! It was also supposed to be a foodie trip where we had decided that calories be damned and that we would have a proper English breakfast with sausages(chicken) and bacon (turkey)  and eggs-sunny side up and cream tea every single day either at Fortnum and Masons or Harrods or Harvey Nichols!! Their cream teas are to die for with raisin scones,clotted cream, strawberry/apple preserve and yummy ,dainty finger sandwiches!

Well all that came to a big nought because my darling grandmother decided to take a sudden and completely unexpected toss in the loo and fell down flat on her back breaking her arm, dislocating her frail shoulder and majorly injuring her dignity! Sorry! i know i am being extremely insensitive here but just stating facts! Anyway with her laid up in bed like that and in so much of pain and with a plaster on her arm, my darling mother screamed blue murder and absolutely put her foot down to baby sitting my two brats and gave me a two hour long lecture on the virtues of selflessness and sacrifice!!!

I heard the lecture stony faced and stony hearted and then tried my best to give my point of view but nothing worked. I tried vociferously arguing back/pleading with her/cajoling her but my dearest mom refused to  budge and with a heavy heart and teary eyed i cancelled my ticket the evening before my flight. Mr. C tried very hard to commensurate with me but frankly couldn't hide his glee!!! Glee because now he would get to save some money in terms of aborted shopping plans! His shopaholic/unrestrained wife wasn't accompanying him and now the bloody Pound could climb to ninety bucks a unit for all he cared. He didn't have to take care of Sheeba's endless bills plus he could ogle at all the English Roses he encountered uninhibited!!! Yippee! Yay! Yay! Life suddenly seemed good for Mr. C and he considerably cheered up.

The last couple of days he had been roaming around with a hangdog expression muttering and mumbling about expenses and too frequent holidays and insufficient pay and virtues of bachelorhood and of becoming a Brahmachari and taking sanyas in the mountains and so on and so forth!!! With these sudden developments life was suddenly looking good for him and he visibly perked up!! He got back his lost sense of humour/his famed wit and charm and definitely his appetite and walked with a bounce in his step and devoured aloo and peas cutlets for breakfast as if he had just escaped from some concentration camp and hadn't seen food in months!!

Anyway after this calamity, i sulked for a day or two, wallowed in extreme self pity, gave dirty looks to all and sundry, screamed at the brats and my maid, had four chocolate truffle pastries and three cinnamon doughnuts and endless cups of tea,thought about running away with a little jholi on my shoulder but then abandoned that idea equally quickly. Wouldn't be able to accommodate my hundred pairs of stiletto's and umpteen dresses in that little jholi or for that matter a jhola! Would have to arrange for at least a tempo to cart away all my belongings so the running away idea too came to a nought.

So then just sat footloose and fancy free trying to think up of new and innovative ideas to torture my sadistic family and make them pay!!! After scheme number twenty two, realisation and finally some sense dawned and i acknowledged that i was being rather silly and childish and i couldn't punish my family for my holiday getting cancelled. That Inshallah there would be many more such  holidays in the future and that i should think about my poor nani lying all bandaged and plastered instead of longingly thinking of the clothes rack of Selfridges and Topshop!!! 

So now i am constructively occupied in writing my blog and informing all you kind folk about the latest developments of my life and in planning my birthday party!! Yes! Its my birthday next week and i am quite excited! I frankly shouldn't be, considering the age i am at but nevertheless i am! Mentally i am still sixteen and the idea of having my own special day when  i can pamper myself and indulge myself without feeling guilty really makes me happy!! Plus i love the happy birthday party-i love getting all dolled up and getting my hair and nails done and wearing a killer dress and of getting together with all my friends and drinking and dancing till we literally drop!!! I think once a year i am allowed that indulgence of really going wild without any lectures or judgement!!

So lets see folks how things turn out this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!! I hope its a rocking party and everyone has a ball! Happy days are here again! So bottoms up!! Oh God!!! Do i hear Mr.C groaning from London already about the party kharcha??!!For once i am going to ignore him stoically and just feign complete indifference and complete lack of understanding and comprehension!! Where's my i-pod and where are the bloody ear phones???? Let's get this show on the road!! Cheerio!!