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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Awkward! Awkward! Awkward!!

There are some things that make me cringe. Some have a valid reason and some don't! Why some don't? I don't know...but i just start feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed. Have tried to enumerate them below in the hope that they will make some sense:-

Men holding purses. Just find it very incongruous and bizarre. True, his companion had a limb in a cast but it was her foot, and not her arm. Why in the hell is he holding the huge Jimmy Choo? Is there a point being made here? Well, i am completely missing it!

Women screaming at their kids in public or even worse hitting them! It's so bloody  uncomfortable and makes me feel  so bad for the little twit ,even though i have probably also done it at some point in the past.

People being rude or high-handed or bossy with service staff. Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!I can never respect someone who picks on somebody who cant retaliate back!!! It shows lack of respect,cowardice, absence of class, "ghaatipana" and low self-esteem!! If you have a bone to pick, pick someone your size!!! Don't throw punches at people who due to various socio-economic reasons cant punch you back!!!

Women in the gym who refuse to buy support under-wear and have their mammary glands resting on their abdominal roll or lets say rolls. It looks plain ugly and is quite a repulsive sight. Lady, if you can invest sixty grand per annum on a gym membership why cant you invest two grand on a good bloody bra which will keep your ahem!! boobs in place and not have them lolling around everywhere making you look like a cow with udders!!

Men in the gym who strut around like vain peacocks, wearing the tightest of tees, in a bid to accentuate their overly worked out chests and biceps. They will then pair these tees with the tiniest of crotch hugging shorts  (uggghhhhh!!!) which only high light their scrawny,spindly legs!! God!Sick! I am ready to barf! I wish someone could inform  the esteemed gentleman/men how plain ludicrous and obscene they look!! It's not a turning-on but completely putting-off sight!I

Couples sitting together at a restaurant but not speaking a word to each other and avoiding eye contact. I find it so sad in fact plain tragic. How do things come to this? Isn't it amazing how human relationships can deteriorate so much with the passage of time? How couples once so in love can drift and grow apart so much that there comes a point in time, when you have nothing to say to each other in spite of sharing a home/life/kids together? It almost brings tears to my eyes.

Walking in on someone taking a dump or a leak!! Lock the damn stall you dumb ass!! I ain't interested in taking a peak at your private parts !!Find it the most mortifying experience ever!!! Usually just storm out of the loo without doing the deed myself because don't want to face the concerned person.

People not respecting elderly people or trying to take them for a ride. Find it sickening ,actually it makes me really angry. Have gotten into countless arguments/fights with random strangers who were doing the above. I know sometimes old people can be a bit irritating  with their rambling and lack of decisiveness but then it does have to do with depleted mental and physical faculties with the passing of time as per the law of nature. Nothing strange or weird about that...we all will have to go through it one day lets give the wizened old lady/man some slack. This could be you or me thirty years down the road!!

Overly ingratiating and pesky sales staff in shops. They will keep following you around asking you this or that and it really starts getting on my nerves. I would appreciate being left alone to browse till i actually ask for help. But somehow they just don't get the drift and will keep trailing you like little,lost puppies till you get really firm with them and ask them to leave you alone.

Loud,brash,obnoxious people who keep throwing their weight around or keep dropping names. This really gets my goat and i completely avoid such people. Arrey yaar! Good for you if you just bought a Bentley or if Robert Vadra is your chuddy-buddy!! How does it affect me and hows it any skin off my back?? Great ,enjoy! Leave me alone-i am very happy with my Accord and with my real chuddy-buddies who are there for me when i need them and who are really my friends!!

Physically or mentally challenged people. I just feel so bad looking at them and feel even worse when i realise that my pity is the last thing that they need. I just wish that god could wave his magic wand and make all the ills and deformities disappear and make everyone equal in all respects at least where mental and physical faculties are concerned. It just seems so unfair that i have full use of my limbs and eyes and ears and mouth and brain whereas that pretty girl sitting there is deaf and mute from birth.

Beggars on the road. Get so confused wondering how to deal with them. Should i reach out into my wallet and give them some money or should i just stoically ignore them..pretending they don't exist?? This one is a real bummer! How does one know if the person begging and pleading in front of you is actually deserving of your help or are you just propagating a racket? Any answers on this one, please?

Overly pushy,domineering moms pushing their poor kids to the limits to perform,excel,outshine,outdo!! Compete! Compete! Compete seems to be the name of the game! What about just leaving the kid alone to do things that we as kids did or just letting them chill or do nothing. Why does there have to be a time-table/schedule for everything? Aren't our kids scheduled enough? Don't they deserve a break/downtime to just read a comic book or watch the idiot-box or just play with their friends. What is this frantic and frenetic schedule we put them on? I think we as parents just need to take a chill-pill and let our kids relax. Not every kid was born to be a topper or world class athlete or master artist or fluent pianist or a ballerina!! Let kids be kids and return their childhood back to them..That's the greatest gift that you can give to your child as his/her parent!!!

I could ramble on and on but i know their are limits to your patience so will sign off now! Ciao and take care!