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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Naughty at 'forty' or should i say 'dotty' at forty!!!! Men!!!

I have come to the profound conclusion that sometimes, i really hate men ( with a few exceptions of course)!!!! Especially men in their forties, what with their mid life crises, roving eyes, wandering hands,expanding bellies,receding hairlines and most of all their superior, condescending attitudes!! They think they are God's gift to woman kind!! Well i have news for you guys!!!! You aren't!! 

Most of you (again of course there are exceptions)  are a royal pain in the butt where we, the poor women, have to constantly molly coddle you, cootchie coo you and pander to your fragile egos all for the sake of marital happiness and family peace!! But do you men ever appreciate that???? No!!! You are too self possessed  and self centric to ever realize that. We the women, especially here in this regressive country of ours were just born to serve and please you. All talk about emancipation and feminism is just that-Talk!!!! We are treated as lesser than men and it is a man's world!!

Let me illustrate by citing an example-if a man today goes out and has an affair, he's secretly envied by all his buddies and regarded as a real stud and playboy and hero worshiped. His poor wife is left with no choice but to grimace and bear all the accompanying pain and embarrassment  for the sake of the kids,family,home,security,societal obligations etc. Whereas on the other hand if the woman has an affair, she's immediately labelled a slut, an adulteress,an unfit mother. She's shunned,shamed,labelled and rejected by everyone around her!!! She's pointed at and gossiped about!!Why these double standards, i ask?? Why this hypocrisy?? What's good for the gander should be good for the goose!!! Don't you agree??

The age old adage of men getting naughty at forty is so bloody true excepting that 'naughty' is the bloody under statement of the century!!! They definitely don't get just naughty, most men get 'dotty' (as in lose their brains) at forty!! All their substantial grey matter sinks to their nether regions and their craniums get filled with erotic fantasies of twenty something nubile nymphets wearing skimpy bikinis feeding them grapes and wine and bathing them with milk and honey and whispering sweet nothings into their ears!!!

Get real dude!! That twenty something nubile nymphet (if even that) is with you for a reason!!! And that reason you dim wit, is your fat wallet and the fancy set of wheels you drive!!! That's it!!! She's not in love with you for your sharp brains or your kind(???) heart or your fabulous (in your opinion) body or your ever pleasing personality!!! She wants to hang with you because you can show her a good time!! That"s it!! So all this bullshit crap of finding your true soul mate etc is just that!! Crap and bull!!!

Wake up and smell the coffee or kerosene or whatever you prefer!! This is as good as it gets!! It cant get any better!! Learn to value what you have-the woman who has stood by you for decades, through thick and thin, who has been there as your guiding force and pillar of strength, who has been your partner in every sense of the word, who has borne you children,who has endured and tolerated all your various idiosyncrasies and eccentricities and who above all has tolerated and been kind to the important people in your life who have never returned her the same favor!!!

Shape up or ship a galaxy far,far,far away!!!! It's only your loss-really!!!