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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Teenarized ( as opposed to terrorized) by Frankesteen!!!!

Just in a very pissed off mood. It's brat no-1's fifteenth birthday today-have shown him a real good time this weekend-lots of pampering,shopping,movies and meals out but the ungrateful wretch that he is,has not expressed a word of appreciation or thankfulness! Instead has been on a non-stop complaining spree as to how this wasn't good enough or that wasn't great and so on and so forth!!! 

I am so angry that I actually just feel like putting him down on my knee and giving him a good spanking with the hardest paddle brush that i can find at home!! Pure day dreaming on my part of course, because he's now at five feet and eleven inches and weighs 75 kilos so physically impossible for me to actually lay him across my knee and giving him the whipping that he deserves!!

What is it with the teenagers of today??? Why are they-with very few exceptions-such a shameless lot?Why are they never happy or content or appreciative or respectful? Why do they always want more and more and more till there's nothing really left to give? And what's with the surly,I'm so cool and you are a nut attitude,the pure defiance and rebelliousness that they exhibit at all times! Why is everything such a battle, not battle but literally guerrilla warfare, that you feel like giving up even before you have started !!If you say right to them then it necessarily has to be left! If you agree to left, then suddenly they want to go right! It's enough to drive any sane person absolutely crazy!!

 Frankly this indecisiveness and constant confusion i can still handle-what really gets to me is the utter lack of respect that they exhibit towards all adults in general! Are we there just in the capacity of their slaves and to do their bidding while they are our lords and master and order us around!! Or do we serve any other purpose in their life such as being guides,mentors,benefactors and other such noble stuff!!

I don't think so!! We are dealing with an increasingly selfish,self centred,self obsessed generation who just thinks about itself-the rest of the world be damned !! We are there not as their parents and figures of authority but just as the facilitators,providers and care givers-beyond that if we do try to assert our rights or enforce any kind of discipline-kaput!! Doomsday! World War three!! Atomic bomb explosion!! And you find that your dignity,self-respect,authority- everything is blown into smithereens and you are just left seething with fury and resentment and cursing the day that you ever decided to become a parent!!

Actually if i could turn back the clock, i would not elect to have children of my own at all instead would devote my time,energy and resources in an orphanage-really loving,caring and helping out kids who are alone in this world and have no one to call their own. And hopefully,they would appreciate all the attention and love showered on them and treat you with some respect,humanity and consideration.

I think back to our times and realise with a start as to how different our lives were. We were teenagers too and had our fair share of fun, got into trouble,bunked classes,disobeyed our parents etc but that under lying fear of authority or respect for our parents never left us. At the end of the day we towed the line and never went beyond a certain limit. Life was not about instant gratification like it is today, that the moment your child wants something he has to get it,right at that minute!! What bloody bull-shit!!

We had to work for our treats and wait for them-sometimes months on end! I still remember saving up my measly pocket money to buy a Sony Walkman and it took me six months but when i got it,i felt such an acute sense of accomplishment and pride! But i guess those were simpler times and we had none of the distractions or temptations that teens of today do!

I guess to some extent we as parents are to blame too! We all are busy,have crazy stressed out lives-running from pillar to post most of the times so therefore may not be able to devote the quality and quantum of time that our parents did to us. So in an effort to cover up and assuage that guilt and regret, sometimes we just give in too easily. It's too much of a bother to argue or explain or reason-sometimes its just easier to go along. And i think that's our undoing because the kids of today are a smart,wily bunch and they know when they have you by the b.... literally and figuratively!!

Enough raving and ranting for today!! Enough fodder for thought!! Hope you folks are dealing better with your kids than i am!!! If you do have any tried and tested strategies to deal with these "Franksteens"-do let me know. Will be grateful forever. Take care and  all the very best!! Adios!!